Monday, January 27



Often described as the to-go person when you are ready for that special occasion or wedding, Kmenn has been sharing his passion for classy and Dapper style for years. Undeniable style of class when seen in person, and definitely portrayed on his media platforms.

He has since amassed an ever-expanding classic wardrobe, a significant collection of different fashion references, and a keen understanding of what it means to be a gentleman in this day in age. Just as much as he loves fashion, he enjoys the conversation about relationships and progress in life as a whole.

Kmenn shares his passion with others via articles and media posts, better yet, in person with those he gets the opportunity to have a dialogue.

With his degree in Business Administration, Kmenn works as a Market Development Representative. He manages other businesses like Mrzstamens, Kinsmen Media, Lavvany Spa and provides business ideas to other entrepreneurs. If you need help with Building Website, Blog writing or Business consultation he’s one of the few to go to.

If he isn’t in the office, he is in a white shirt listening to music somewhere!

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