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Wedding Thangz



Your phone just vibrated, looked and it says you are invited to a wedding. Mine oo mine, as a man you know this is not the time for the jeans and T’s. Not even jeans and button-down shirt. This is not the time for casual, this is more like a time to dress to impress. Let’s be honest, how you present yourself counts over ninety percent of how you are presented. A piece of the respect level you have comes from how you carry yourself. Occasions like this is just the right time to pull up with class. You don’t need to break the bank for this one, nah, not at all.
As a man you can present yourself very well, dress as nice as possible and not break the bank. Neither are you doing it for a wedding. Briefly, let’s discuss few ways to “kill” it on such a day.
Suiting Game
When it comes to an occasion like a wedding, a classy pants and shirt, tucked in can do but that feels like a lackadaisical dress-up for such an event. You might wanna look as sharp and complete as possible. So yes, suit is definitely the way to go, there is also the option of rocking a Classy Jacket on a well-tailored pants and clean button-down shirt. Color is always based on preference; hence, you can go with a black suit, a blue or even wine-colored suit. However, I suggest you allow the time of occasion and your mood to determine this, listen to your guts and pay attention. You don’t wanna be in a red suit early in the morning – you know the vibes.
Suit is not automatically going to look good on you regardless how good it looks by itself. Little things like the sleeve length of the jacket play a part. How tailored and Dapper is it? If the jacket of your suit is big enough to hold another shirt under your arm, it’s probably big on you. Pocket squares on the jacket brings different light to it. We can discuss the style of pocket square another time, better yet, we can chat in the comment section. Just as you treat the jacket, work on your pants. The pants should be a certain length. Best if it’s just a little bit below your ankle or right on your ankle. Anything over that covers your shoe and that might throw off the whole appearance. You might not want the skinny pants style but do not baggy your suit pants – you are not a rapper from early 2000s.
Shirt on Point
Just as anything else you can think of when it comes to clothing, there is color preference. For me white is my go-to, it’s my favorite color. A crisp white button-down shirt will never go wrong. Think of it this way; when you can’t think of what to wear, think of white or black and you will be straight. Try whatever color combination you decide to rock in the mirror. Some colors don’t go together, others do just not together during a particular time of the day.
The Feet Game
If you have noticed in the most recent years, one of the common shoes that’s paired with a nice tailored suit is the loafer. Not the crazy looking fat everyday slip-ons. I mean the classy looking, sometimes patent, flat heel looking, with pointy toes. Not to pointy that your feet might start to hurt. On the other hand, is the Monk-style loafer, that seems to go well with dapper suits as well. Don’t worry there will be few examples at the bottom of this to take a look at.
Unlike shirts, you don’t want to wear a white shoe, unless it’s a sneaker. Suit and sneakers are a topic for another time or comment section. You don’t wanna look like the pimp from the 90s. Allow the color of your suit to determine the color of your shoes. You the decide the color of your belt based on the color of your shoe, that’s if you will wear one. Between a black, patent, and a dark brownish” loafer, you will definitely find something to rock!
What Kind of Tie
Wearing a Tie is a beautiful add-on when you are dressing for an occasion like wedding. You can go the bow style or just the regular necktie. But mind you, the lapel dictates what you wear. Often a bow tie will look good with any style of lapel. Just in case you didn’t know there are different types of lapel.
There is a Shawl, Peak and Notch lapel. If you plan on wearing a tie, keep the lapel type in mind – it will affect the appearance of the tie when you’re ready to walk out the door. If you plan on wearing a tie, consider the weather too. Summer might not be time for a tie. Be aware that the color of your suit will determine what color of tie you wear. As mentioned previously, try that in the mirror. Can’t go down the list of ties that matches with what color but for a good bookmark; black bow tie is often nice with most colors of suit and necktie often looks awful with shawl lapel. You can also avoid tie completely especially if it’s summer.
Accessory Makes the Dream Work
Now that you have the suit, the shirt, shoe and your tie, don’t forget the one accessory that makes it all complete – a classy watch. You don’t need to empty your accounts for a simple but good looking and classy watch. Without a watch, you look like a Ferrari with a scratch on the driver side door. It looks good but hmmm – you know what i mean!
From celebrities to just ordinary people, most make the mistake of closing every button on the jacket – Don’t do it! Leave the bottom button of the jacket opened.
Brands To Try
Depending on how much you are looking to spend on clothing, suits to be specific, I got few sites you can check out. I will speak about these brands in depth later but for now, here are few of them.
Provides some of the nicest suits for occasions. Different kinds and style, even double-breasted suits.
Just like Nyoni, Henry provides some of the dappest suits for any kind of occasion. Price can be a little on the higher end but of good quality.
There are also other common brands like the Express and stores like Macys and MensUSA to check out. These are not often my go to but it’s definitely worth checking out.
Written by Joey Kmenn (Entrepreneur, style coach)

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