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Picking Out The Best Belt For You


Belts are of course, a necessity.  They are a part of almost every professional outfit  and most casual ones too.
Guys don’t have a ton of options when it comes to accessories which is why our best choice has to be on point.Belts shouldn’t only be regarded as a functional piece.The right belt can perfectly tie an outfit together adding some character and even making you look slimmer and possibly taller.

However,there are really only two occasions when your shirt should be tucked in and your belt exposed;at work and on a date.
Let’s take you through few steps to picking out the best that you need and can best make a statement both in the office and on your date.
It’s worth it to shell out a little extra cash to invest in a belt that will last you for years.



The first thing to consider before picking out a belt is knowing what length you need. Belts are usually measured in inches or centimeters.You’ll know if a belt is the right size when you put it on. The truth is,buy a belt that’s two size longer than your pant size.This allows for better adjustment so you won’t end up using the last hole on your belt and having too much extra belt sticking out.




Leather belts are timeless and classic.A leather belt is a must need for every man and it’s the hallmark of formal Wear.That being said,belts are great and perhaps even preferred equivalent to leather belts when it comes to casual looks.



Technically, every belt has a buckle.It’s often flashy buckles that are labeled as ‘belt buckles’ though
Sometimes, they appear too exaggerated and I don’t advise you take that to the workplace or office.

Types of Belts

Black Belts

The versatility of the classic black belt is limitless.It’s a rule that these belts need to match with the colour of your shoes,or at least be close.They typically go with black shoes or darker colors like blue.Obvious pairings for black belts are black and navy suits,but they work pretty much any color because of their neutral look.
A black belt is truly the epitome of formal belts styling.

Casual Belts

The casual belt quickly comes to mind when you’re looking to dress up a simple look or add some personality. Casual belts are all about adding style.
You may experiment with colors and materials.Many casual belts are made of leather or woven fabrics to give it an amazing appeal.Your belt can be a great way to add some charm to your outfit.


Tan Belts Like black,tan and brown belts typically pair with shoes of the same colour or lighter.They’re perfect for outfits with lighter colours and match up well with brighter blue and olive suits

Belts work for almost every occasion.Additionally,belts can dress up an outfit while still keeping it casual. Knowing what belts you need and how to wear them is important for every man regardless of profession or style.




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