Monday, January 27

Essential Tips on Men’s Haircare

A good hair care routine is one that’s absolutely simple and effective. Arming yourself with the right tools and information about the chemistry of hair is the best first step.However,no matter what hair type and texture you have,you’ll be able to perform your routine accordingly and have a great looking hair.

Conditioner – Basically, conditioners are moisturizers for your hair. With this said, it is hugely vital to regularly condition to help maintain healthy,sturdy and continued growth. If you feel your hair is dull and not very shiny looking, you should probably use a men’s hair conditioner after every shampoo. Importantly,we recommend that everyone,no matter your style,use a conditioner at least once or twice a week to replenish any oils and nutrients your hair may need.
Short Hair – In general, short hair only requires a moisturizing shampoo.The same goes for short hair that feels oily to touch.If you have short curly hair,use conditioner with every shampoo.
Short curly hair tends to be more dry and frizzy,so a good conditioner will help tame any unwanted frizz.
Longer Hair – The longer your hair is,the more likely you’ll need a conditioner. Condition your hair after every shampoo.
Be careful to only condition the ends of your hair.
Use The Right Tools – While it may seem like an easy way to tame your hair,never use a brush on a wet hair.When the hair is wet,it is at its most vulnerable point and high susceptible to breaking and damage.When combing through the wet hair,use a wide-toothed comb and gently work out any tangles.Avoid blow dryers as they can dry and damage hair.
Avoid Chemical Treatment – Coloring or perming hair repeatedly can leave it damaged, dry and dull.We recommend avoiding all at home chemical products and seeking a good stylist will know how to properly prepare your hair before and can also help you choose the best products for your hair type.Results from a trained professional will almost always look more natural and infinitely better than those done at home.
Cool Off – Did you know that very hot water and steaming hot shower cause havoc on your hair and scalp?
Very hot water strips too much of the essential oil from the hair and scalp,which leads to dryness and ichiness.
Be Gentle With Your Hair – Your Hair will look much better if you treat it gently.How so?
Drying – Don’t aggresively attack your hair with a towel,rubbing and pulling at it.
Instead,take a gentle approach.Rub your hair lightly to dry it after a shower.
Styling – Comb or brush with a smooth movement.Don’t yank or pull at your hair. It’s bad for your scalp and may lead to thinning.
Use Natural Styling Products – You don’t want the thick and crunchy look that some products leave you with?
Choose a natural styling product like natural wax pomade for men.Gels and waxes can contain strong chemicals that may leave your hair dry and damaged.
Just like skincare for men, hair care for men should not be difficult or complex. Apply these easy tips and you will always look your best.




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