Wednesday, November 20

The Freshest Fragrances To Try Out This Month


Its that time of the year we all love “SUMMER” The warmer months have rolled around, and that means it’s time to change up your scent game.

The URBANEGH grooming desk hcarefully put together some of the best fragrances for this season and frankly we absolutely love then and we think you should know about them before you go get an old one of yours.
Clive Christian Original Collection 1872 Masculine EDP,
Up until now this English house has been difficult to source in Australia but those days are gone. 1872 boasts a 20 per cent fragrance concentration and an utterly sophisticated blend of nutmeg, jasmine and sandalwood .
Lapp Fragrances Darkness EDP,
Another local scent player, Lapp is all about small-batch concoctions that could retail for the double the price. Here, the main notes are amber, musk and timber. Ideal if you don’t want to be wearing something similar to the others around the boardroom.
Penhaligon’s Portraits The Blazing Mr Sam EDP,
This quirky collection based on fictional characters just added a stonking new chapter in the form of a punch of cinnamon, saffron and tobacco. Well in the top five of our scents of the year.
Samuel Gravan Spicy Mandarin EDP,
A small Australian atelier that should be better known than it is. This flawless execution is just as at home in the gym bag as a black-tie dinner. And superb value to boot.
2787 Barcelona #hashtag EDP,
Just the right side of avant garde with incense, timber and a faint metallic that works wonders.
We Hope that you try some of this fragrances and smell the very way you wish.
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